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Curved Toenails (Involuted Toe-nails)

Curved Toenails (Involuted Toe-nails) are excessively curly from side to side leading to an excessive amount of pressure building-up in the nail groove along the nail edges. This can cause hard skin or corns to develop under the nail resulting in chronic discomfort.

Curved toenails can be painful, and a foot issue that can lead to further  problems such as ingrown toenails. Curved toenails can happen for a number of  reasons, such as improper nail trimming, wearing an improper sized shoe, or  excessive stress on the feet due to running, jogging, or walking.
The treatment for ingrowing and involuted nails is cutting away the problem edge. In the case of involuted nails any corns or callous is then removed and then the nail edge is smoothed to reduce the risk of reccurence. Any inflammation should settle down quickly.

Fundamentally the treatment is to reduce the liklihood of the nail piercing the skin by cutting and filing the nail. If the nail plate is flexible packing the sides of the nail with small wisps of cottonwool soaked in an antiseptic solution can help. This does not work if the nail plate is immoveably fixed in a curved or involuted way.


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